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Mind Free

Finally, I made it to the party, dressed in white...white T, white jeans, and white blazer, the shoes were my pop of color. No, it's not an all white event but they say no white after Labor Day and I wanted to be me the new Bold, Free Me and wear white, and then it happens...I drop hot sauce from my chicken wing on my white T...i'm mad but I'm not mad face! Oh hey you, yes you the reader welcome to the Mind Free Apparel Blog where I will Give You Some insight on the creation of the Mind Free Collection.

These T’s Are Definitely Not Just Words On A Shirt...NOPE They Hold A Personal Meaning And I Hope They Will Inspire You And Inspire You To Also Purchase 😂😂😂 But I’m Serious, No Pressure Though.

Pardon me, I didn't even introduce myself!

Hi, I'm Kristina Owner of Mind Free Apparel, Still Working My 9 to 5, I LOVE JESUS AND HE LOVES ME, I've tried him and I found out he's all right with me. I'm also a recent divorcee(happy not bitter) after 10yrs a slave lololol, single mother of 3 Cristopher 16(10th grade), Joshua 10(5th), Jaya 9(4th), yes I have dutch twins. No beef with baby daddy #1 or my ex husband, now baby daddy #2. I Love Laughing, Music(used to play a little drums and keys), Reading, Creating, Writing,(I Often Times Forget Transitional Sentences(shrug)) judge yo momma!!! I also enjoy traveling, spending time with my children, sports, (like I could sit and watch ESPN all day unbothered)...oh and how could I forget this one EATING i love, love, love FOOD!

But, enough about me, just know that there is a story to be told...so, sit back, chill and check out the story line and what each T means to me...

Now, Without Further ADO I Introduce To You The Mind Free Collection Blog!



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