Mind Free Apparel


Hey, Hey, Hey! I’m Kristina Taylor, Mom of Three, Cristopher, Joshua, and Jaya. I’m a Customer Service Specialist by day and Owner Of Mind Free Apparel 24/7 365. . 

Mind Free Apparel (MFA) Has Been And Still Is My Personal Path To Freedom. I Have Been Freed From Suicide, Depression, Anxiety, Validation Seeking, TBI, And  So Much More! Every Part Of The MFA Collection, Is A Step Toward Being Mind Free.

My Ultimate Goal Is To Inspire Freedom To All—Starting From The Inside Out. To Be Honest, My Story Is Beyond  Exposing Dark Areas Of My Life, But More So To Inspire The Next Person That’s Scared Or Embarrassed To Push Through. There’s No Better Way To Experience The Next Level Of Freedom, Then To Live Freely.

I Live By The Statement, 

Renew Your Mind, Renew Your Life. 

Remember,  Freedom Is For Everyone.



Mind Free Apparel Is More Than Just A Brand—Its a LifeStyle; Which Allows One To Freely Express Their Internal Freedom Outwardly. Mind Free Is Not Just For Persons Suffering From Depression, Suicide, Anxiety, Low Self-Esteem, People Pleasing, But For All Who Have The Desire To Be Free (Even From Your Own Way Of Thinking). The Path To Freedom Is A State Of Living, And Any Step Forward, Is Greater Than None At All. 


Renew Your Mind

“Do Not Conform To The Pattern Of This World, But Be Ye Transformed  By The Renewing Of Your Mind.” - Romans 12:2